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Are you putting your life on the screen, or living out your own films?


What you see is what you do and what you do is how you feel. Any type of improvement starts with a bit of discipline otherwise is just words on the screen. All these amazing techniques and life altering choices only work if you do the work. Regularly.


Exploring is about going to unknown. Try new things. Mix it up. Experiment. Go out of balance to learn the balance. Question yourself to answer yourself.

Any mind could not exist in relation to the world of experience except through its relationship to other minds. Growing individually equals growing collectively.


We learn and share the selected bites. Life hacks, techniques, products, articles, people, podcasts, books, sounds, places....

Bonzei a simple form.

Each one teach one.



Building any habit is a long term, individual game. What’s your starting point and what’s your limit? Ready to find out?

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